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Ways you can help us making global standards available for everyone. This is how we develop and validate our content. Join us.

Important notice

OpenReference Initiative has adopted a referral process to limit access for those that practice spamming, trolling and other malicious online intent. This means that if you want to join the OpenReference community in any way you will need to be referred by one of the existing users. We request all users to invite only real people, with a real interest in participating.

to request a user account.

Individual Participation


The easiest way to participate is to review our content and add your comments. This is called Talk on OpenDevelopment. Community comments are important to ensure clarity and industry neutrality. You can do this at your time of preference, as much or as little, and for any topic. You can comment on topics that are your area of expertise (content) or topics that are not (e.g. clarity of the writing). To be able to comment/talk you will need to be registered as an User on our development wiki. More.

Discuss Contract Custom Solution

Another important way tot participate and contribute is to write content for a specific topic. Working Groups may post requests for content. Authors create and rewrite content and typically are Working Group members. To be able to author content you will need to be registered as an Author on our development wiki. More.


Editors validate and edit the submitted by Authors. Editing privileges are provided to experienced Authors and select Working Group members. Contact Us if you want to join our Editors.

Working Groups


Our Working Groups consist of individuals like you. Working Groups are organized by domain and manage the scope of the domain and evaluate content of the domain


Experience shows that when volunteers get together a Working Group may deliver new content faster. OpenReference is inviting companies to show thought leadership by providing meeting space at their facilities or provide electronic meeting services to facilitate such working sessions. Contact Us if you would like to host an in-person or online content discussion or content writing session.

Financial Participation

OpenReference Initiative is a community and volunteer initiative. Volunteers are not compensated for their time and materials. In order to meet our Mission, Vision and Values we need to engage website infrastructure service providers. Some of our members have graciously donated the funds to support our cause. Please Contact Us if your want to contribute financially. We promise we won’t ask for much.

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