Analyze Business Plan

The activities associated with gathering and interpreting business plan information, including vision, mission, charter, plans (volume, growth, width, depth), management objectives, markets, products, customers, competitors, growth plans, and product positioning.

An organization's business plan provides a communication vehicle that structures the thinking about vision, mission, and charter of an enterprise, and then articulates the approach to supplying markets with products and services with the objective of specific financial goals. Competitive analysis, timeline, funding, and management objectives are usually included.

Use Cases

A recommended method to analyze the business plans is developing the Business Model Canvas: A shared language for describing, visualizing, assessing and changing business models. The canvas extracts and summarizes 9 building blocks that make up the desired business model:
  1. Customer Segments (CS) -- The groups of customers, identified as one or more named segments, the business or organization serves
  2. Value Propositions (VP) -- The problems the business or organization solves for its customers
  3. Channels (CH) -- The sales and distribution channels the business or organization uses to serve its customers
  4. Customer Relationships (CR) -- The type or types of relationships the business or organization maintains with its customers
  5. Revenue Streams (R$) -- The types of products and services the business or organization sells to its customers
  6. Key Resources (KR) -- The assets the business or organization has to deliver products and services to its customers
  7. Key Activities (KA) -- The processes (and practices) the business or organization has to plans, source, make, and deliver products and services to its customers
  8. Key Partnerships (KP) -- The partners that provide products and services to the business or organization
  9. Cost Structures (C$) -- The total cost the business or organization incurs to provide products and services to its customers

Alternative methods to Analyze the Business Plan include the 1-Page Business Strategy.


A1Align Strategy2A1
A101Analyze Business Plan3A101


1PBS1-Page Business Strategy1PBS
BMCBusiness Model CanvasBMC
Note: Common inputs and outputs are listed in alphabetical order. Other inputs and outputs may be required to support varying use cases.Analyze Business Plan Align Strategy 4110100 3 {{{keywords}}} {{{description}}}