Supply Chain Configuration Strategy

A Supply Chain Configuration Strategy is how a business organizes a supply chain network and processes to achieve its goals and benefits. Businesses elect a Supply Chain Configuration Strategy for each supply chain as part of the creation and management of unique supply chain networks. (See Supply Chain Management (Align Network) processes for more information).

OpenReference has defined 4 key Supply Chain Configuration Strategies to standardize communication and practices sharing.

  1. Make-to-Stock supply chains are plan driven and include D1, M1, and S1 processes.
  2. Make-to-Order, Configure-To-Order and Assemble-to-Order supply chains are order driven and typically include D2, M2, and S2 processes and may include some Make-to-Stock processes.
  3. Engineer-to-Order or Project supply chains are requirement driven and typically include D3, M3, and S3 processes and may include some Make-to-Stock or MTO processes.
  4. Reverse Logistics supply chains are event driven and include D4, M4, and S4 processes and may link to Make-to-Stock or Make-to-Order processes.
  5. Circular Economics supply chains are organized to optimize the continuous utilization of resources. Once introduced into such businesses the use of these resources is extended, shared, repurposed and renewed continuously.

Typically the elected Supply Chain Configuration Strategy for a specific supply chain describes the front-end (customer facing side) of the supply chain. A supply chain may consist of a blend of strategies, however with the intent to achieve the goals and benefits of the Supply Chain Configuration Strategy elected for the supply chain.


SCCSSupply Chain Configuration Strategy1SCCS
RLReverse Logistics2RL
CECircular Economics2CE
AASSubscription Economy2AAS


A1Align Strategy2A1
A113Identify Strategic Supply Chain Capabilities3A113
A2Align Network2A2


CECircular EconomicsCE
RLReverse LogisticsRL
Supply Chain Configuration Strategy 0 1 Supply, Chain, Configuration, Strategy, Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order, Reverse Logistics, Supply Chain The supply chain configurati.on strategy which uses forecasts, planning or planning derived information to drive execution processes in lieu of customer order