A metric or performance metric is a defined, agreed and quantifiable way to measure an organization's behavior and performance. Metrics are grouped by Performance Attributes and used in scorecards and performance benchmarks.

See also: Key Performance Attribute (KPI), Balanced Scorecard and Benchmarking

  • AD (Adaptability)
  • AE (Asset Efficiency)
  • AE1 (Cash Conversion Cycle)
  • AE11 (Days Receivables Outstanding)
  • AE111 (On-time Receipts Ratio)
  • AE112 (Late Receipts Ratio)
  • AE113 (Uncollectable Receivables Ratio)
  • AE12 (Days of Inventory)
  • AE121 (Days of Raw Materials Inventory)
  • AE1211 (Raw Material Inventory - Unrestricted)
  • AE1212 (Raw Material Inventory - Restricted)
  • AE1213 (Raw Material Inventory - Blocked)
  • AE122 (Days of WIP Inventory)
  • AE1221 (Work-in-Process Inventory - Unrestricted)
  • AE1222 (Work-in-Process Inventory - Restricted)
  • AE1223 (Work-in-Process Inventory - Blocked)
  • AE123 (Days of Finished Goods Inventory)
  • AE1231 (Finished Goods Inventory - Unrestricted)
  • AE1232 (Finished Goods Inventory - Restricted)
  • AE1233 (Finished Goods Inventory - Blocked)
  • AE13 (Days Payables Outstanding)
  • AE131 (Early Payments Ratio)
  • AE132 (On-time Payments Ratio)
  • AE133 (Late Payments Ratio)
  • AE134 (Duplicate Payments Ratio)
  • AE2 (Fixed Asset Turns)
  • AE21 (Gross Fixed Assets)
  • AE22 (Asset Depreciation Ratio)
  • CO (Cost)
  • CO1 (Supply Chain Costs)
  • CO11 (Cost of Goods Sold)
  • CO111 (Direct Material Costs)
  • CO112 (Direct Labor Costs)
  • CO12 (Distribution Costs)
  • CO121 (Order Management Cost)
  • CO1211 (Order Management Labor Cost)
  • CO1212 (Order Management Automation Cost)
  • CO1213 (Order Management PP&E Cost)
  • CO1214 (Order Management GRC Cost)
  • CO122 (Storage Costs)
  • CO123 (Handling Costs)
  • CO124 (Transportation Costs)
  • CO1241 (Transportation Labor Costs)
  • CO1242 (Transportation Fuel Costs)
  • CO1243 (Transportation Accessorial Costs)
  • CO1244 (Transportation Automation Costs)
  • CO1245 (Transportation PP&E Costs)
  • CO1246 (Transportation GRC Costs)
C cont.
  • CO125 (Export/Import Duties)
  • CO13 (Other Operational Expenses)
  • CO2 (Customer Acquisition Costs)
  • CO21 (Cost per Acquisition)
  • DP (Dependability)
  • DP1 (Perfect Order Ratio)
  • DP11 (Orders Damage Free Ratio)
  • DP12 (Orders Defect Free Ratio)
  • DP13 (Orders On-time Ratio)
  • DP131 (On-time to Customer Request Ratio)
  • DP132 (On-time to Original Commit Ratio)
  • DP133 (On-time to Current Schedule Ratio)
  • DP14 (Orders In-full Ratio)
  • DP15 (Error-free Documentation Ratio)
  • DP2 (Lead Conversion Ratio)
  • PF (Profitability)
  • RS (Responsiveness)
  • RS1 (Order Cycle Time)
  • RS11 (Planning Frequency)
  • RS12 (Deliver Cycle Time)
  • RS121 (Entry-to-Processing Cycle Time)
  • RS122 (Put-away Cycle Time)
  • RS123 (Pick-to-Ship Cycle Time)
  • RS124 (Ship-to-Deliver Cycle Time)
  • RS13 (Make Cycle Time)
  • RS14 (Sourcing Cycle Time)
  • RS2 (Order Fill Rate)
  • RS21 (Stock Out Ratio)
  • RS22 (Order Processing Delays)
  • RS3 (Disposition Cycle Time)
  • RS4 (Lead Conversion Time)
  • RS41 (IQL-to-MQL Conversion Time)
  • RS42 (MQL-to-SQL Conversion Time)
  • RS43 (SQL-to-Opportunity Conversion Time)
  • SD (Sustainability)
  • SD1 (Environmental Sustainability Ratio)
  • SD11 (Intake Sustainability Ratio)
  • SD111 (Sustainable Water Intake Ratio)
  • SD112 (Sustainable Energy Intake Ratio)
  • SD113 (Sustainable Material Intake Ratio)
  • SD114 (Services Environmental Sustainability Ratio)
  • SD12 (Recovery Ratio)
  • SD13 (Output Sustainability Ratio)
  • SD131 (Sustainable Air Output Ratio)
  • SD132 (Sustainable Water Output Ratio)
  • SD133 (Sustainable Residuals Output Ratio)
  • SSPM (Sales & Support Metrics)


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