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We recognize 4 types of Finance & Accounting processes:

  • Recording transactions - These are mostly transacted following business activities: e.g. generating an invoice resulting in a financial booking in accounts receivables.
  • Recording journal entries for accounting purposes - These are driven by consolidation and closing activities: E.g. Monthly valuation of stocks.
  • Reporting - the consolidation of financial information for the purpose of financial analysis and management reporting
  • Auditing - the validating of accuracy of information for the purpose of error correction and fraud prevention.

Additionally we recognize the need for financial planning:

  • Budgetting
  • Cashflow planning

Please add further process groupings or add definition to the existing


We are looking for metrics that define Finance & Accounting performance.

Key question here is what the key metrics are to measure the company's financial performance. Many key numbers are recognized from a stock valuation perspective, but how about internal indicators for financial performance? Are they the same or different or?