Align Processes

The collection of processes required to maintain supply chain performance within the supply chain network. Supply chain process management processes include process data collection, process performance analysis, process design and validation.


A3Align Processes2A3
A301Analyze Supply Chain Network3A301
A302Document Process Flows3A302
A303Collect Process Data3A303
A304Perform Process Organizational Analysis3A304
A305Analyze Process Standardization3A305
A306Analyze Process Performance3A306
A307Define Process Solutions3A307
A308Define To-Be Processes3A308
A309Validate To-Be Processes3A309
A310Assess Business Rules Changes3A310
A311Assess Organizational Changes3A311
A312Assess Technology Changes3A312
A313Develop Process Change Portfolio3A313
A314Publish Process Change Portfolio3A314
Note: Common inputs and outputs are listed in alphabetical order. Other inputs and outputs may be required to support varying use cases.Align Processes Align 4130000 2 Develop, Standard, Process, Workflow, Supply chain Development of supply chain processes, setting and communicating process goals, objectives and direction