Business Strategy Map

Business Strategy Map template
Business Strategy Map is a Diagram used to visualize the primary strategic objectives pursued by an organization. Business Strategy Map is considered a required element of a third generation Balanced Scorecard.

The Business Strategy Map is organized by the 4 perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard:

  • Financial Performance (FI)
  • Customer Satisfaction (CU)
  • Operational Excellence (OP)
  • Learning & Growth (LG)

A well-designed Business Strategy Map will allow the author to 'tell a story' from the right to left. For example: "An investment in a certain training (LG) will allow us to improve our internal processes (OP) which will improve our customer interaction (CU) and this in turn will improve our financial results (FI).

Alternative names for Business Strategy Map include: Strategic Linkage Model

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Business Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard 2 1 Balanced Scorecard,Metrics,Perfomance,Metrics that Matter,Balanced Scorecard,Strategy Map,Strategic Linkage Model A diagram used to document the primary strategic goals being pursued by an organization. It is considered an element of a third generation Balanced Scorecard