Analyze Network Standardization

The activities associated with the collection, validation and comparison of network-level practices to a baseline for standardization. This includes assessing the maturity (read: level and effectiveness) of the implementation of the 'standard' process.

The purpose of Network Standardization Analysis is to determine if and at what level the network configuration and the high level processes meet standardization requirements. It also assesses the maturity of the process category as a whole and provides a starting point for assessing potential improvements on supply chain processes.

Example approaches include: Best practice assessments, practice or process benchmarking. A Best Practice Assessment reviews preferred, best or desired practices for level-2 processes (e.g. P1, S1, M2, D3), and assess relevancy, degree of implementation.


Without properly documented Geographic maps, Logical Material Flow Maps and/or Value Stream Maps, nodes and processes may be unidentified.


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A205Analyze Network Standardization3A205
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