Schedule Transportation

The activities associated with the selection of transportation mode, identification/selection of service provider, issuance of a request for transportation services and/or booking transportation. Typically transportation scheduling focuses on:

  • Routing shipments (long haul and/or last mile)
  • Combining shipments and/or deliveries
  • Building loads
  • Tendering -- where applicable
  • Booking transportation

For Reverse Logistics supply chains transportation scheduling may be less involved than other supply chain types.

Use Cases

  • In a Warehouse: Scheduling a return load with the supplier's carrier
  • In Retail: Schedule a shipment with the carrier to a repair center
  • In Retail: Schedule a return pick-up to a warehouse for further processing
  • For consumer returns: Contacting the express carrier for a pick-up


Once transportation scheduling is complete the order may be updated with the latest delivery information and a notification (Schedule Change) may be send to the sending and/or receiving parties.

Many companies (the Discuss Contract Custom Solution) perform only a light version of this process as they have outsourced transportation. The transportation service provider will likely perform most of these tasks instead of the Shipper. Entry-to-Processing Cycle Time Incoterms Demurrage and Detention Information Received


D4Deliver Returns2D4
D403Schedule Transportation3D403


RS121Entry-to-Processing Cycle Time3RS121


D&DDemurrage and DetentionD&D
IRInformation ReceivedIR
Note: Common inputs and outputs are listed in alphabetical order. Other inputs and outputs may be required to support varying use cases.Schedule Transportation Deliver Returns 5440300 3 {{{keywords}}} {{{description}}}