Schedule Transportation

The activities associated with the selection of transportation mode, identification/selection of service provider, issuance of a request for transportation services and/or booking transportation. Typically transportation scheduling focuses on:

  • Routing shipments (long haul and/or last mile)
  • Combining shipments and/or deliveries
  • Building loads
  • Tendering -- where applicable
  • Booking transportation

For Reverse Logistics supply chains transportation scheduling may be less involved than other supply chain types.

Use Cases

  • In a Warehouse: Scheduling a return load with the supplier's carrier
  • In Retail: Schedule a shipment with the carrier to a repair center
  • In Retail: Schedule a return pick-up to a warehouse for further processing
  • For consumer returns: Contacting the express carrier for a pick-up


Once transportation scheduling is complete the order may be updated with the latest delivery information and a notification (Schedule Change) may be send to the sending and/or receiving parties.

Many companies (the Shipper) perform only a light version of this process as they have outsourced transportation. The transportation service provider will likely perform most of these tasks instead of the Shipper. Deliver Cycle Time Incoterms Demurrage and Detention Information Received


D4Deliver Returns2D4
D403Schedule Transportation3D403


RS12Deliver Cycle Time2RS12


D&DDemurrage and DetentionD&D
IRInformation ReceivedIR
Note: Common inputs and outputs are listed in alphabetical order. Other inputs and outputs may be required to support varying use cases.Schedule Transportation Deliver Returns 5440300 3 {{{keywords}}} {{{description}}}