Create Return Authorization

The activities associated with receiving a claim or request for product return authorization, verifying product and/or customer meet return authorization criteria and conditions, creating a return (material) authorization ('RMA' or 'RA') and issuing the RMA/RA to the customer. This may include notifying the customer of applicable Restocking Fees.

Create Return Authorization is a Reverse Logistics process.

Use Cases

  • In a call center: Receiving, evaluating and creating a return authorization
  • In Retail: Scanning the customer receipt, and entering the return
  • In a retail service center: Accepting returned goods for further processing, issuing a return receipt


  • Arranging transportation for a physical product return is part of the Return Product (D4) process. If the seller arranges transportation then the seller performs part of the D4 process.
  • Online retailers often have the practice to include return authorization information with the original shipment to the customer to simplify the authorization process.

Sourcing Cycle Time Distribution Costs Order Management Cost Source-to-Pay


S4Source Returns2S4
S402Create Return Authorization3S402


RS14Sourcing Cycle Time2RS14
CO12Distribution Costs2CO12
CO121Order Management Cost3CO121


RMAReturn AuthorizationRMA
Note: Common inputs and outputs are listed in alphabetical order. Other inputs and outputs may be required to support varying use cases.Create Return Authorization Source Returns 5240200 3 {{{keywords}}} {{{description}}}