Plan Deliver

The activities associated with developing a comprehensive plan to deliver goods and services to customers to support the supply chain operations plan. This process determines the deliveries, considering on-hand inventories, capacity, existing and expected orders and existing commitments from logistics and transportation service suppliers. This may include capacity planning for order management, material handling and transportation.

The purpose of Plan Deliver includes determining the estimated workload for each Deliver process and Plan Deliver may therefore include the replanning of existing orders based on the most recent inventory, capacity and order information.

Use Cases

  • Order replanning; daily or weekly recalculation when and where existing orders will ship
  • Return shipments planning for Reverse Logistics supply chains
  • In a distribution center: Calculate monthly/weekly staffing requirements (pick, pack, load)
  • In a distribution center: Calculate and communicate required fleet capacity (monthly, weekly, daily)
  • In a manufacturing plant: Calculate transportation needs for shipments to Distribution Centers and warehouses
  • In Retail: Home deliveries planning


The plan produced by Plan Deliver may be shared with outsourcing partners –such as third party logistics providers, freight forwarders.

Alternative names include: Order Rescheduling, Distribution Capacity Planning. Plan Deliver is part of DRP-II. Perfect Order Ratio Orders On-time Ratio Orders In-full Ratio Order Cycle Time Planning Frequency Deliver Cycle Time Order Fill Rate Stock Out Ratio Supply Chain Costs Distribution Costs Cash Conversion Cycle Days of Inventory Forecast-to-Plan


P4Plan Deliver2P4
P401Gather Delivery Demand3P401
P402Gather Inventory & Supply3P402
P403Calculate Delivery Plan3P403
P404Publish Distribution Plan3P404
P405Analyze Delivery Plan Deviations3P405


DP1Perfect Order Ratio1DP1
DP13Orders On-time Ratio2DP13
DP14Orders In-full Ratio2DP14
RS1Order Cycle Time1RS1
RS11Planning Frequency2RS11
RS12Deliver Cycle Time2RS12
RS2Order Fill Rate1RS2
RS21Stock Out Ratio2RS21
CO1Supply Chain Costs1CO1
CO12Distribution Costs2CO12
AE1Cash Conversion Cycle1AE1
AE12Days of Inventory2AE12


DCDistribution CenterDC
DRP-IIDistribution Resource PlanningDRP-II
Note: Common inputs and outputs are listed in alphabetical order. Other inputs and outputs may be required to support varying use cases.Plan Deliver Plan 5140000 2 Plan, Planning, Distribution, DRP, Fulfillment, Supply Chain Development of the fulfillment or distribution plan: Delivery capacity required to support the overall supply chain operations plan