Assist is the macro process representing the processes associated with providing support to customers and potential customers. This includes pre- and post-sales support.

Assist processes provide value to customers and enhance customer intimacy depending on the type of assistance requested:

Assistance Type Assist Input Process Output
  • Inquiry
  • Information request
  • Respond
  • Information
  • Claims
  • Customer issue
  • Customer complaint
  • Resolve
  • Refund
  • Return/Replacement
  • Custom Solutions
  • Inquiry
  • Support request
  • Problem solving
  • Customization
  • Information
  • Solution
  • Training
  • Advisory
  • Quality issue
  • Recall advise
  • Notify
  • Recall
  • Repair
  • Replace

Assist covers customer service activities as well as technical support services: For example in the Chemical industry: technical support for application of a product in a customer's production process.

Use cases

  • Self-service website - Customer portal, online helpdesk, mobile support app, support chat
  • Call Center - Telephone answering service, helpdesk service, after-hours support, customer service
  • Customer Service Departments - Helpdesk, order desk
  • Technical Support Teams - Remote, traveling or customer in-house technical support staff
  • Product recalls - Defective devices or vehicles (hardware), health risks for food or medications, bug fixes for devices or software
  • In Retail: Customer Service Desk


Assist with Custom Solution (A3) processes may include application of the product at the customer, however true installation services are typically described using Supply Chain processes by a service version of the Make process. Similarly a call center may receive an inquiry about a product return (A1) and route the customer to the Supply Chain process for Returns (S4). t:I2Q Customer Relationship Management System


SSOSales and Support Operations0SSO
A1Assist with Inquiry2A1
A2Assist with Claim2A2
A3Assist with Custom Solution2A3
A4Assist with Advisory2A4


CRM(S)Customer Relationship Management SystemCRM(S)


Note: Common inputs and outputs are listed in alphabetical order. Other inputs and outputs may be required to support varying use cases.Assist Sales and Support Operations 3400000 1 Sales, Support, Agent, Customer, Service, Assistance, Call Center, Warranty, Claim, Return, Self Service, Pro-active, Recall, Sales & Support Providing support to customers and potential customers. This includes pre- and post-sales support. Customer assistance is offered based on inquiries, issues and claims or pro-actively for recalls or product updates