Top of Sales Funnel

Top of Sales Funnel, Top of Funnel, or TOF is a Term describing the first stage (of 3) of the journey a prospect or lead makes to become a customer. In this stage potential customers (Leads) are identified and contact is established.

Sales Funnel and phases

The Top of Sales Funnel phase aligns with the Awareness and Discovery stage in the AIDA-model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action).

The Sales Funnel and its stages provide sales teams insights where action is required to achieve Sales Quota and/or the overall Sales Plan.

Compare to: Middle of Sales Funnel, Bottom of Sales Funnel


FunnelSales Funnel1Funnel
TOFUTop of Sales Funnel2TOFU


BOFUBottom of Sales FunnelBOFU
MOFUMiddle of Sales FunnelMOFU
FunnelSales FunnelFunnel
Top of Sales Funnel Sales Funnel 1 2 Sales, Funnel, Leads, Qualified Leads, Opportunities, Customer, Conversion, a term describing the first stage of the journey a prospect or lead makes to become a customer