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Four level-2 processes have been nominated for the Sell macro process:

  1. Sell on Standard Terms
  2. Sell by Proposal
  3. Sell Custom Solution
  4. Sell Renewal

The determination is that all Sell processes have level-3 processes that include the following groupings of activities:

  • Develop Profile
  • Qualify
  • Problem/Need Gathering
  • Developing Product/Solution/Value Proposition (S1 - none, S2 - proposal, S3 - solution)
  • Presenting Product/Solution/Value Proposition (S1 - brochure, trial, S2 - proposal, S3 - solution
  • Evaluate customer Feedback/Refine Solution/Value Proposition

These groupings have more details when the process complexity increases S1 < S2 < S3.

Use Cases

  • Capture Inquiry;
  • Develop Profile; Buyer Persona. Gather business information.
  • Qualify; Lead scoring. Preliminary credit assessment


  • Q: Does the process substantially change if it is an online sales process (e.g. Amazon)?
A: The (process) building blocks should not significantly differ, but the emphasis is going to be on the data analysis process ORwiki (Talk) 10:01, 4 August 2017 (PDT)

What does the Sales & Support Process Manage?

  • Question: In supply chain a company manages supply in response to demand. Demand typically equals initially forecasted demand and later customer orders. What is it that the Sales process manages?
  • Answer: A possible answer is quota and whatever we call what is in the funnel. The funnel is like the conceptual supply chain. We try to pull leads/prospects/potential customers in and convert them to customers (a customer is for most lines of business a contract or purchase).
  • Question: So is the equivalent of supply/demand balancing in Supply Chain Planning the netting of quota and 'X', where X represents the thing we convert: leads/prospects/potential customers.
  • Answer: Yes, it would be quota/X netting ;)

List of possible names for X:

Please explode Plan

We need to get level 2 process blocks for Plan/ss:P populated so we can discuss what level 3 should look like.

Level 2 proposal:

  • Plan Sales & Support Operations
  • Plan Sell
  • Plan Contract
  • Plan Assist

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